22 October 2016

The HeroQuest Hero Quest: The Second Chaos Warrior

Time for a guest spot from someone half-human, half-warhead, all idiot.  It's Curis.

Let's do a dungeon-bash quickie between big projects!  To recap, the three Scale Creep commandments of the project are:
  • Paint a charmingly basic model from HeroQuest
  • nO cRaZy CoNvErSiOnS
  • Replacing the sausagey rectangle base is encouraged.
I picked a Chaos Warrior. To the 7-year-old boy learning words from game components, but not pronunciations: a "Chouse" Warrior.

"Hoots mon!  There's a chouse louse about this house!"

Theottovonbismark has already shown off Slambo and the 4E plastic Chouse … ahem … Chaos Warrior.  Here's the HeroQuest dude alongside Battlemasters and Legend of Zagor Chaos dudes, for no reason other than to showcase the breadth of my vintage Chaos.

Prejudiced against gorefs, means he's a gorefist.

Otto's updating of this old plastic has freehand and a jazzy base.  My version is painted so tamely in comparison. I've gone for the red-and-metal scheme which you might think is a homage to the original HeroQuest art, but is really so he ties into my 1980s Chaos Warband. Being a 1989er *I think* he is actually the newest miniature.   Everything is relative.

"Oi HeroQuest! Bet you're so young you don't remember POGs!"

After modern-style crisp highlighting you start to realise the limitations of the miniature – a combination of 1989 plastic technology and 27 years of man-handling ("manchild-handling"?).  So to hide the dalrymples I painted some textures: sponge-chipping the armour; fluting on the horns; notching the axe blade; and blood-spatter over the finished piece.  I've recently become aware that competition painters like different textures on a miniature to provide interest and contrast, and to showcase their skills.

He's left many a nasty axe wound.

The texture I'm fondest of at the moment is the blood-spats.  After a lot of trial and error with a Blood Bowl team recently I've hit upon the following method: load up a tiny brush with your blood-effect paint of choice, put it right in front of your lips, and blow.  You instantly get realistic spines, satellite spatters, cast-off patterns and other terms I'm just regurgitating from a CSI episode.

Guess this means he's the Herald of the ApocaLIPS.
(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
That's all for now!  Next in the chain we have a man who goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare – Geoff Solomon-Sims.

18 October 2016

The Heroquest Hero Quest: The Second fimir

Today, the Creeps are happy to let our friend Phreedh present his own addition :

When the handsome fellows on the Scale Creep blog invited me to join their Heroquest Hero Quest, I could hardly turn them down. After all, I had already embarked on this journey myself and could use an incitement to revisit the project. A week later, I can offer up a rough looking bog cyclops for your viewing pleasure!

I chose to submit a fimir, because it was… already a work in progress. For me, the hobby is all about cutting corners and reaching results with the least level of effort. 

I’m a firm believer in “80/20″. Applied to the modelling hobby, one can say a model reaches 80% of the potential result when you’ve spent 20% of the total effort on it. 

For me, that’s a pretty good spot to stop in. Could I do another level of highlights? A few more glazes? Maybe a free hand pattern? Sure. Would it matter, in the long run? Nope. 

Instead I can spend the same time finishing another few models to an acceptable level… or browse interwebz forums. At least, it’s better than my old paint jobs from the early 90s.

There’s not much to say about the finished fimir. Gretchin Green base coat, washed with Devlan Mud and highlighted with Gretchin Green mixed with Vallejo Pale Flesh and Bronzed Flesh, and another wash of Gryphonne Sepia. The basing used is the same as on all my fantasy models. A 25 mm metal washer, with painted sand and static grass. Simple things!

It’s a bit more traditional in colour scheme than what the godfathers of Fimir (Mr Saturday and Fimm) have used, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I spent some unnecessary effort on the eye. A yellow eye ball with a black pupil would’ve sufficed. Instead I did a white eye ball, black dot, yellow iris and then a black pupil. Doesn’t even show in the photo. Nuts!

Coming up next, Curis – master of elbow painting and sphincter trumpeting! Knock it out the box, Curis!

05 October 2016

The HeroQuest Hero Quest: The Elf

Cheetor said: "No-one will want to do the elf, it's a pile of plastic crap*."

I said: "I'll do it, I quite like it actually..."


So I volunteered to paint up the Elf, happily one of the few HQ figures I happened to have lying around in a box. Something about Elves has always pressed my buttons anyway - I don't like buffoonish Orcs or gruff, humourless Dwarves. I do like long-haired folk wearing tight trousers dancing around with rapier-sharp blades though...

Anyway, here is the classic red plastic of the HQ Elf post stripping of the previous paint job. Note the added dagger in his right hand. This was an addition by a previous owner and I decided to keep it, because it may very well have been a contemporary addition (so kind of doesn't break the "no messing" rule too much). Plus it looks cool.

The Elf. Unmodified (nearly).

29 September 2016

Dragon Metal Tag VI - Necromundan Vent Dragon

Sorry, very sorry. I know I was tagged for Dragon Metal back in May by Whiskey Priest after his gorgeous (and cute) Dragon Rider. I had an idea that I was going to shift the focus a bit and do a dragon themed jetbike using the Warzone Mishima Dragon Bike. So I bought one second hand, stripped off the old paint job, broke some bits, and then saw Agis Neugebauer's gorgeous version. I decided to give up there and then!

Gorgeous Warzone Dragon bike painted by Agis Neugebauer.

So I hesitated. I pondered. I thought about doing a classic fantasy dragon - why not? But I wanted to do something a little less predictable. Eventually, I rummaged around, and pulled together these parts; namely 1) tail of a lictor, 2) Colony 87 Cameleoid, 3) Wings of a Colony 87 Gargouille.

25 September 2016

Haemo-Erotic Tag 7: Grigor "Veinrip" Flangegrinder

Grigor Flangegrinder see's a world of blood. Preferring to bludgeon his victims into submission with his bronze skull flail he opens up his victims arteries and revels in the spray of arterial blood.

See - World of blood, told ya.

20 September 2016

The HeroQuest Hero Quest: The Fimir

Milton Bradley: "So guys, everyone knows about orcs, goblins and mummies and stuff, but what about these
 'fimirs' we're putting in the game? Tell me all about them!"

Games Workshop: "Uhhhhhhhhhhh...." 

Woooooooooooooooo! Look at me playing with the big boys! Hello to everyone, this is Rochie from Buried Under Lead, and thanks to the lads for taking the fence down and letting me in for a bit!

16 September 2016

The HeroQuest Hero Quest: The Barbarian

The best thing about HeroQuest is the Barbarian's hair boots

Buffdar the Huge, Warrior of the North, Bearer of the Biggest Guns, Five Time Champion of the Frozen Lake Loincloth Vigil, swung his broadsword into the bony face of a skeleton, smashing it to powder, before hacking a zombie in twain with the backswing. He hummed a crude little undead-slaying tune as he turned and smashed his sword pommel into the face of an advancing mummy, causing it to stagger backwards. As it did so, the hulking barbarian stomped down on a trailing rag and watched with amusement as the ancient creature comically unravelled, spinning helplessly across the rough dungeon tiles before tumbling into a yawning stake-pit, it's dessicated husk becoming impaled on multiple rusty iron spikes. The mummy continued to groan and twitch, each motion causing it to slide a little further down the shaft, where it would remain until it finally crumbled to dust.